Thursday, June 4, 2015


Good news for airline passengers on making boarding an easier faster experience.  Delta Airlines is instituting an innovative concept.  As a result of every flight being delayed an average of 18 minutes, and because the major reason for the delays are overhead bags, they are offering a new service.  Their ground crew will approach travelers in the waiting area and offer to "pre-board" their overhead luggage.

They will place them in the bins above each assigned seat before a single passenger boards.  Considerable time has been cut.  It's a free service for now.

And Southwest Airlines is trying to keep families sitting together, while keeping the non-assigned seat policy.  Families with children 8 and under will be able to "pre-board" so they can sit next to each other.

Then there are those airline passengers that similar to people who get handicapped parking permits surreptitiously, these pigs are requesting wheelchairs in order to expedite security and "pre-board."  These flights are called "miracle" flights because passengers can walk when they land.  This particular airline passenger habit annoys me to no end.

All in all, sounds like a few airlines are picking up on ways to make the pre-board experience a more pleasant one.

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